Enhancing Communication Between Individuals

Evening and Day Classes:

Fees and pre-course paperwork:

  • All courses need to be paid for in advance (please talk to the tutor if you cannot afford to pay in a lump sum prior to the course start date)

All applicants need to fill out the following forms in advance:

  • Course Application form
  • General Background Information form
  • Student Access and Support form

These forms are to enable the tutor to support each student appropriately.  None of your information will be passed on to any third party. 

Communication Station reserves the right to:

  • Change course dates/times
  • Withdraw or cancel courses, giving full refund
  • Exclude students in the case of deliberate disrespectful, violent or disruptive behaviour towards other students or our tutors without refund
  • No monies shall be returned to students failing to attend, or withdrawing from a course, without exceptional circumstances
  • Shorten courses with 4 or less students
  • Charge £20 per hour (post course) to students failing to produce sufficient portfolio evidence during any courses, intensive or otherwise, given ample opportunity
  • Charge £20 per hour + exam fees to students wishing to achieve any outstanding units in any qualification
  • Add a 10% late payment fee

Corporate Training:

All training needs to be paid for in advance.

All dates need to be confirmed in advance.

Communication Station reserves the right to; should there be a need (e.g. serious illness of the tutor or severe weather conditions), postpone courses with a 25% discount

Companies cancelling training will incur a cancellation charge (relating to the period of time between cancellation and course date).

Cancellation charges:

  • 29 days or more 25%
  • 14 - 28 days 50%
  • less than 14 days 75%

Late payment charges:

  • 10% per additional invoice (all invoices are expected to be payed within 28 days)

Companies wishing to delay/bring forward training that has already been booked, may also incur a small charge if at very short notice.