Enhancing Communication Between Individuals

Welcome to Communication Station

MOBILE AND TABLET FRIENDLY ACCESS: m.communication-station.co.uk

Communication Station is committed to providing training and interpreters to facilitate communication in a variety of environments.

Our mission statement:

‘To deliver a flexible professional service that enhances communication between individuals.’

Ours is a dual purpose company, we aim to improve communications between all people. Although our main focus is on 'Deaf and Deafblind Awareness,' 'Communication Tactics with Deaf and Deafblind People,' in addition to providing full training for the unitised 'British Sign Language' (BSL) Level 1 and Level 2 and level 3 courses, we also offer other communication training skills and an interpreting service (BSL - English/ English -BSL), we offer General Communication Skills Training too.

We offer free taster sessions in BSL and give talks linked to all of our training; ask us to prepare one specifically for you. Our General Communication Skills training is available to anyone, Hearing or Deaf.

Deaf people are our family, friends, colleagues and neighbours, yet how many of us can communicate effectively with them? It is one thing being a non-native spoken language user and having to learn English; it’s another being deaf and having no (or limited) access to the spoken/written word.

The Disability Discrimination Act requires that access to information goods facilities and services be met, this includes communication.  Deaf and Deafblind people have a wide variety of language and communication needs that requires in depth coverage in workplace disability training.  Their needs are often overlooked or misunderstood.  We aim to assist you to meet those requirements with a variety of courses or workshops to suit your needs.

The founder of Communication Station holds the belief that we should all be more effective communicators. Those who can hear and talk can learn to become more effective communicators. That all hearing, sighted people, especially in the working environment, should be fully Deaf and Deafblind Aware and have an ability to communicate effectively with Deaf and Deafblind individuals.

1/6 people is deaf, some of whom were born deaf, others became deaf through accident, illness or most commonly - age.  Many are aged over 60; one day this may well be you, now is the time to learn how to treat others as you would wish to be treated should you loose your hearing.

We would like to see more people learning and using BSL/DEaf Awareness skills on a daily basis when required, not because they have been forced to learn after an ‘embarrassing’ event, or changes to their work team.

Knowledge prior to need is the key to successful communication.

Whatever your communications needs; we provide a professional training or interpreting service for you. Whether you are an individual or a company we can meet your needs and provide the human touch.

Our tutors/interpreters hold an appropriate degree, teaching qualifications and hold an enhanced DBS/CRB form. We are Signature registered and our Deaf Studies Tutors are trained to Degree level in Deaf Studies and hold NVQ Level 4/6 Sign Language as a minimum.*

* BSL Level 3/NVQ Level 3 is the Signature minimum recommendation for delivering BSL courses. Here at Communication Station we expect our staff to have an extensive knowledge with qualifications and experience to reflect this; a Degree in Deaf Studies or equivalent, CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults - level 4) in addition to their CACDP Level 4/Signature Level 6 enables them to achieve this.